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List of Conference Presentations

These conference presentations were done either in English or in Japanese. If the proceedings have been published, they are listed under 'Publications' on the top page menu.

"Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese and Beyond" 26th SEATJ North Carolina State University, NC
"Online Asynchronous Synchronous Oral Communication" ACTFL Boston, MA
"Effective Use of Video Technology in Japanese Language Education" 25th SEATJ Duke University, NC
"Using iPhone/iPodTouch in Education" ACTFL San Diego, CA
"Incorporating Culture into Japanese 1 in the Target Language" 24th SEATJ Wake Forest University, NC
"Wiki and Its Effective Use in Japanese Language Education" 22nd JLTANE Connecticut College, CT
"Effective Use of Wiki in Japanese Language Education" 23rd SEATJ University of Alabama, AL
"Innovative Uses of Blogs in Japanese Language Pedagogy" CASTEL-J University of Hawaii, Kapi'olani. HI
"Students' Project: How do Students Come Up With Ideas" 16th WAJPW University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
"Students' Project: Deepening the Understanding of Their Own Environment" 22nd SEATJ University of Memphis, TN
"Anime/Feature Films and Technology in Your Classroom" ACTFL Nashville, TN
"Japanese Films: Enhancing Students’ Language Skills and Cultural Awareness" 21st SEATJ Washington and Lee University, VA
"National Survey of Online Materials for Japanese Language Education" ACTFL Baltimore, MD
"The Online Newspaper Project: New Directions" 15th WAJPW Elizabethtown College, PA
"Enhancing Foreign Language Learning Through an Internet-based Newspaper Project" NECTEL New York, NY
"Online Materials: Present and Their Future" 20th SEATJ Georgia Tech University, GA
"Online materials: Who, What, and Why?" ACTFL Chicago, IL
"Newspaper and Show & Tell in 21st Century Classroom" CITE Elizabethtown College, PA
"Manipulating Your Graphics: Workshop on Graphics for Beginners" 14th WAJPW Gettysburg College, PA
"Turn Non-Japanese Language Specific Websites into Good Teaching Material" HALT University of Hawaii, Manoa, HI
"Online Materials: Now and Future" 19th SEATJ Clemson University, SC
"Bringing non-Japanese language Specific Online Materials into Japanese Classrooms" 19th SEATJ Clemson University, SC
"Implementation and Assessment of Online Materials" FLANC University of San Francisco, CA
"Online Community for Japanese Language Educators: A Survey, WebRing, and senseiOnline" IALLT University of Michigan, MI
"Material Development and IT Literacy Among Japanese Language Educators" NCOLCTL University of California, Los Angeles, CA
"Building Online Community for Japanese Language Educators: Assisting Teacher's IT Literacy and Professional Development" SITE Albuquerque Convention Center, NM
"Effective Use of Online Materials" 18th SEATJ Duke University, NC
"Online Japanese Teaching Materials: Development, Implementation, and Sharing" ACTFL Salt Lake City, UT
"Web-based Japanese Language Instruction: Current Situation and the Future" Part 1: Kanji Practice; Part 2: Japanese Language Material Ring 50th FLANC University of California, Berkeley, CA
"Assisting Teachers' Professional Development: Sharing Materials Online" NCOLCTL University of Maryland, MD
"On-line Newspaper: An Example of Student-Centered Classroom Activity" 17th SEATJ College of Charleston, SC
"Improving Learner’s Five Skills: Bringing the Internet into Classroom" NEAAS Williams College, MA
"Online Education and Japanese: Bridging online teaching and classroom teaching Together" 11th WAJPW University of Maryland, MD
"Bridging the Gap between Online and Classroom Teaching: Classroom Activities Using the Web" 13th CATJ North Central College, IL
"Sharing Japanese Teaching Materials Online: Developing Copyright Free/Safe Materials for the Online Community" 13th CATJ North Central College, IL
"Sharing Teaching Materials Through Internet: Using the WebRing" 14th JLTANE Bates College, ME
【Miscellaneous Academic Presentations】
"Teaching Languages Through Film" (April, 2010) Dartmouth Center for the Advanced Learning (DCAL) Dartmouth College, NH
"Wiki for Language Education" (May, 2009) The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning Dartmouth College, NH
"Incorporating Blog into Students' Projects" (February, 2007) Dartmouth Center for the Advanced Learning (DCAL) Dartmouth College, NH
"Japanese Language Program for the New Millennium" (February, 2000) Department of Ease Asian Languages and Literatures Yale University, NJ
"Computer Technology and Japanese Language Education at Dartmouth College - Is America's Most Wired College Really Wired?" (November, 1999) Foreign Language Department MIT, MA


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